The main feature article of this edition of IJOP describes research aimed at developing a test for cancer that will allow much earlier diagnosis than is presently available.

The article describes two new cancer diagnostic blood tests. The first directly measures the levels of the CYP1B1 protein in the bloodstream. In normal volunteers the level of CYP1B1 is vanishingly small but this level is highly elevated in cancer patients which makes it useful for early cancer diagnosis. The second test measures the salvestrol metabolites that result from CYP1B1 activity. The levels of unreacted salvestrol and activated salvestrol metabolites are measured in the bloodstream and this gives an indication of how well the salvestrols are working by providing evidence for their metabolism.

This months IJOP includes a guest article from the College of Physiotherapy in the city of Ludhiana in Northern India. This article presents evidence for a concerning trend in increased sedentary behaviour of adolescents in India, and shows that the developing world is following the western world in this trend which can lead to an array of health problems later in life.

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This is our first ever issue of IJOP, We hope that by producing this journal that we are helping to make “alternative” medicine less alternative. As well as broadening people understanding of the world around us.

This months featured article is on the discovery of a protein CYP1B1 (pronounced sip-one-be one) which is a universal cancer marker. This discovery has important implications for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer.

There is a very interesting article to do with the hidden powers of plants  and Phytotherapy, there is an extract below.

“Phytotherapy is the use of plants to treat medical conditions. In its traditional sense it has the same meaning as herbal medicine, but in its wider sense it is the use of plants and plant derived compounds to both prevent and treat disorders.”

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